a google wallet redesign

Single platform to unlock the true potential of your credit cards

AI powered personalized forced recommender application, that integrates over your existing digital wallet


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1 month


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Why was this made?

To overcome the challenge of selecting from a range of credit cards the users possess

Problem solved.

Maximize users' benefits and rewards.

Tap IT : The redesign

A quick tour of the latest features before we delve into the process!

What we heard.

" I just spent $90 on vehicle insurance that my credit card already provides! "

- Recent Grad

"I have never understood how to convert my rewards on a particular card to other benefits. "

- Junior, NYU

"My friends learn abut how to use different cards for different transactions. I want to know how to do it as well! "

- International Student, NYU

"I knew about my cashback for each card when I got them, but forgot as time passed!"

- Junior, NYU

Pain points that drove our solution

Finances are not connected

Scattered across multiple products and services, it is difficult to track, manage and utilize all your financial instruments.

Purchase specific credit card selection

How to get the most out of your credit cards, but it is acknowledged that it is difficult to learn how.

Why now?

Transaction Value

$8.49 Trillion 

The estimated total transaction value of digital payments by the end of 2022

New Credit Cards

11.5 Million

As of 2022, 31.4% increase in number of credit cards from the previous year

Average # of cards


Number of credit cards per American  according to the 2019 Experian Review

Digital Wallet


Searches for digital wallets over the last 10 years

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