/khaː rishː ma/

0 ->1 product person

convert irl problems to products;

a human first approach

open-minded, detail-oriented & slightly OCD (just a little, I swear!)

Don't just take my word for it

Hebbatalla Gad

Digital Strategist

I collaborated with Karishma Raj in our Service Design Innovation class, where she excelled as a team member. She led the prototype and design phases of our project with adeptness, engaging and guiding the team effectively. Karishma showcased her expertise in product strategies and design thinking, contributing significantly to the project's success. Her dedication and expertise make her an excellent choice for any design-related endeavor. I wholeheartedly endorse her as a testament to her remarkable skills in product design and strategy.

Keerthana Ravikumar

Front-End Developer

Karishma played a vital role in revitalizing NYU's Student-Led Design Studio. Her inclusive leadership style created a collaborative environment where diverse ideas could flourish. Her educational design sessions were both enlightening and invigorating. Karishma's dedication and approachable nature make her an outstanding colleague. Her impact on NYU's design community is truly commendable.

Michelle Chang

UX Designer

Working alongside Karishma for the past year on various social design projects at DFA NYU has been an amazing experience. She did an exceptionally job leading and guiding the team through the design process, ensuring that the members are well-equipped to tackle on the complex problems. Her strong leadership skills coupled with her extensive design knowledge enabled her to effectively collaborate with our team to create impactful solutions. Overall, her leadership abilities, unwavering passion for design, and positive attitude will continue to leave a lasting impact on any team!

karishma raj