cause college is tough enough as it is. for all of us.

Redefining the LMS experience.

A LMS platform that integrates assessment, living plans and curriculums to manage the educational, medical, therapeutic & social goals of its developmentally different students


Product Design Manager


5 months


2 Designers

2 Developers

Why was this made?

Enable the faculty to efficiently track the progress of the developmentally different students in the college program

Problem solved.

Lack of product in the market to fit their unique need : culmination of education, therapy and special needs.

Unispace: The Product

A quick tour of the latest features before we delve into the process!

Design Process

We invested a huge amount of our initial time & resources in empathizing with our users and jotting down areas where we could create value

What we heard.

" I have to scroll through all these unnecessary pages to view what I need…every time! "

— Staff, On My Own of Michigan

"We actually struggle with tracking their progress. Like, how far have they come since day one?"

— Director of Education

Affinity Mapping and Ideation

We started with trying to organically cluster user feedback into themes of pain points our users faced and then ideated solutions for the same.

Pain points that drove our solution

Unstructured data access

With more than 10-15 pages per document and no less than 20 documents in each folder, lack of structure equated to inefficiency

Input Redundancy

An average of 4 occurrences of repetition per data field entry was noted.

Generic Data Fields

Extensive data input fields with no customization to the type of input caused longer creation times.

Lack of progress tracking

When assessments can't just be a traditional grading system, we need to think of a way to visualize progress.

Low-Fi Sketches

Ver 2.0

Where we zhuzhed it up a bit

The Numbers

Features, impact & scale

Clicks Reduced By

70 %

on average

Decreased redundancy by

3 x

through automated data flow



potential schools as clients